Burdick Atria 3000 EKG Machine


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Burdick Atria 3000 EKG Machine


Burdick Atria 3000 EKG Machine features:

• Easy to use

• User-definable QTc calculations

• Burdick’s exclusive AccuPrint functionality

• Prints 3, 4, 6, or 12 channel ECG tracings

• AccuPrint functionality, which restricts ECG printing if lead wires are malfunctioning

• Standard keyboard and easy-to-navigate menu

• Multi-channel ECG recorder, optional interpretive software

• Full 8.5″ x 11″ reports

• Full alphanumeric keyboard

• Backlit LCD screen

• Three, four or six channel report formats

• Burdick Atria 3000 EKG System comes with data storage for 4 ECGs

• Optional interpretive software

• Operates either manually or automatically

Simple to use, compact and reliable, the Burdick Atria 3000 ECG is the ideal choice for the physician’s office. The Burdick Atria collects the same high quality 12 channel ECG tracings as higher priced models at a price that even small practices can afford.

The combination of a standard keyboard and easy to navigate menu makes the Atria 3000 easy to use, even for those new to the system. This unit also features advanced functionality, including a stable baseline filter for greater accuracy, pacemaker algorithm, user-definable QTc calculations and Burdick’s exclusive AccuPrint functionality, which restricts ECG printing if lead wires are not functioning properly.

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