Vibrasat Liposuction System

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Doctor’s Toy Store is proud to present The Vibrasat Liposuction Unit

The Vibrasat is a paragon of liposuction technology built into a compact unit taking less space up and leading in better results. Vibrasat not only offers a reciprocating motion in a homogenous and gentle manner but also, compared to other liposuction units the Vibrasat runs at a smooth and effective pace, quietly, and efficiently. Other liposcution units command a very expensive repair because of patented technology. For example, some liposuction units command a price of 14,000$ if a handpiece breaks. The vibrasat’s handpiece is half the price and has proven to have less problems. The cord is connected to the handpiece and will offer a further protection against error because no re-connection is needed after auto-claving.

Modern liposuction procedures can now be done using the newest technology utilizing reciprocating and vibrating motion. The Vibrasat Power Liposuction Unit is used to surgically remove stubborn fat deposits and help achieve a more contoured body. The procedure consist of a suction cannula moving in a reciprocating-vibrating like motion used with an ergonomical hand piece. A three function foot control is used to regulate speed and on/off operations. As opposed to the microaire which is operated via the controller and not the foot, a doctor in a sterile environment using the vibrasat can stay in a sterile work environment by turning down speed with a foot switch. Vibrasat offers optimal control technology, its anatomically shaped and light weight hand piece further offers the physician a more comfortable experience during the procedure. The handpiece has been designed to help the surgeon keep the right balance point and remain less fatigued for a long span of time, while preserving enough weight to avoid the vibrations and jackhammer effect on the arm and hand.

The Vibrasat is combined with a suction vacuum to microscopically and gently cut and remove fat tissue. The Vibrasat operates in a reciprocating manner much like the well-known microaire. However it is a more effective system by reciprocating at 5000 cycles per minute at a length of 2.8 mm. This differentiates from the slower microaire console which only has 4000 cycles per minute and at a length of 3.0mm. This .2mm difference might not seem like alot but will actually impact the area of which the liposuction procedure is hitting exponentially. Making the Vibrasat a quicker unit with less time spent during surgery and offering a lower degree of error for the surgeon. The smaller distance can provide the doctor a much more optimized control over the area of liposuction and bodysculpting never before seen. Vibrasat uses less force and has a very fluid manner of reciprocating which will target the area more efficiently but also leading to less patient trauma. Not only will the surgeon complete surgery in less amount of time the surgeon can be more confident in precision of the liposuction procedure.


  • Ergonomic design with a reduced weight with a sturdy metal finish
  • Simple operation with a single on/off button
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Machine fully autoclavable
  • Up to 5000 strokes/min by 2.8 mm (.11 in)
  • Running quietly and smoothly
  • Fully autoclavable due to special materials in the drive and gear unit.
  • Anatomically shaped hand grip with just the right balance point and low weight to hold it comfortably for any length of time; still enough weight to cushion the vibrations towards your palm by its inertia.
  • Medically approved device bearing the CE label.
  • Quality product made in Germany.


  •  Size Control unit (WxHxD): 150x100x200mm
  •  Handle (Øx L): 55x180mm
  •  Weight Control unit: 2.80kg
  •  Handle: 0.75kg
  •  Protection class: IIa
  •  Stroke distance: 2.8mm
  •  Stroke frequency: 3,000-5,000/min.
  •  Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz,
  •  Current power: 1.6 to 0.6A


  • (1) Base Unit
  • (1) Foot Pedal
  • (1) Hand Piece
  • (3) Cannulas


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