Powerspin LX C856 Centrifuge – Microhematocrit Adapter


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Powerspin LX C856 Centrifuge with Microhematocrit Adapter

PowerSpinTM LX spins at 4,000 rpm. The benefit of this increased speed is a cleaner, more complete separation of cellular components, yielding a superior serum or plasma specimen.
The Power SpinTM series centrifuges are extremely quiet for a better working environment. All PowerSpin models have a timer and an on/off switch as well as other features that are normally only found on more expensive units.


Microhematocrit Tube Adapters – C800-34, Pk/2, fits all standard Tube Shields for all models with tube shields.

Powerspin LX C856 Centrifuge – Microhematocrit Adapter Features

  • Six (6) or Eight (8) place rotor for 2 to 10 ml tubes
  • Quite running (58 decibels a 3400 rpm)
  • Rotor chamber is accessible for cleaning
  • New design takes up less space and is more stable than round units
  • 0~30 minutes timer with bell signal at the end
  • On/off switch located in rear of the unit
  • Detachable power cord
  • Easy clean exterior
  • Lid opening for strobe check of speed
  • Latching lid with safety switch triggered to shut down the power when the lid is opened
  • Light indicator is lit when the power is on
  • Standard 115V/60Hz input (220V/50Hz version available on request)


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