VanGuard V6500 Clinical Lab Centrifuge


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VanGuard V6500 Clinical Lab Centrifuge

The Smith Kline Beecham V6500 Centrifuge –also called the VanGuard V6500 Centrifuge– is a constant speed six-place centrifuge used for clinical, diagnostic, and laboratory applications. Operating at up to 3500 rpm with a maximum of 1318 rcf, its capacity is 90 ml.

The Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge is equipped with a splash and aerosol protection, hardened aluminum shields (10 ml or 15 ml), detent fastener cover lock, and automatic shutdown (when the cover is opened).

This Smith Kline Beecham centrifuge weighs about 7.3 kg, and measures 9” by 11” by 12”.

The Smith Kline Beecham V6500 Centrifuge requires 110V A/C at 60 Hz.

Vanguard V6500 has the most advanced design, featuring a 60-minute timer, 6 aluminum shields, and a 6-piece fixed-angle rotor. It comes complete with removable line cord, maintenance-free brushless induction motor, integral aerosol and splash protection, specimen friendly low ambient temperature, automatic shutdown option, and so on. The constant speed motor and electronics provide smooth performance, efficient operation, greater reliability, and long life. The transparent polycarbonate protective cover allows for visual inspection of the tubes.

VanGuard V6500 Clinical Lab Centrifuge Features

*Automatic Shutdown When Cover is Opened
*Removable Line Cord, V7000 Rotor
*Six-Place Constant Speed Unit with 60 Minute Timer
*60-minute interval timer operation
*Maximum RPM: 3400 (+/-100)
*Maximum Centrifugal Force (RCF):� 1318


*Total volume: 90 ml
*Shield length – 15 ml: 11.5 cm
*Shield length – 10 ml: 10 cm
*Shield diameter (both): 2 cm


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