Karl Storz Urban Us-1 M-703W Microscope

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Karl Storz Urban Us-1 M-703W Microscope

Wall Mount Operating Microscope with Olympus Optics

Introducing the Karl Storz Urban Us-1 M-703W Microscope.

​10x Eyepieces ~ 250mm Objective ~ .66, 1, 1.5 Magnification ~ 150W Light

​This Storz Urban US-1 Wall Mounted Operating Microscope is ready to use in excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. We guarantee it will not be DOA.

​Comes with the Microscope head, two 10x eyepieces, 250mm objective lens, articulating arms, built in dual lamp 150W fiberoptic light source (primary and backup), intensity control, dust cover and wall plate. Easily attached to any wall using 4 lag bolts.

Adjustable magnification knob with .66x, 1x, 1.5x settings. The optics are super clear and easy to focus. The arm has counter spring assist for effortless positioning. Each of the joints has a tighten knob to fix in place to prevent drift. The eyepieces have a width adjustment to fit the user and the microscope head swivels and tilts any direction.

The max reach is 60 inches from the wall. Vertical positioning is 18″ below the wall mount to 12″ above the wall mount. Folds up compact to the wall when not in use.

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