Seca 554 Medical Body Composition Analyzer


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seca mBCA 554

Medical Body Composition Analyzer with optional height measurement

    • Unique accuracy through whole body MRI validation (skeletal muscle mass) and 4C model (fat mass)
    • Handrail with fixed handle positions: Measurements are reproducible and reliable
    • Validation studies are bundled and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013/2017, among others
    • Precise and contactless height measurement in seconds using the latest ultrasonic technology
    • Cloud-based software with easy understandable graphics guarantees a complete picture of the body composition


The high quality of the seca mBCA 554 is guaranteed by years of experience from research partnerships and collaboration with medical professionals. It offers study-validated precision, advanced cloud-based software, and ultrasonic length measurement. Its improved graphical analysis provides an accurate and comprehensive picture of the body composition in seconds and makes bioimpedance analysis an even more valuable support for therapy and diagnosis.


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