Pure Sculpt Powered Assisted Liposuction Unit: Microaire 650 Alternative



Pure Sculpt Power Assisted Liposuction Unit: Microaire Pal 600e & 650 Alternative

Introducing the Pure Sculpt Power Assisted Liposuction Unit, the latest technology and equipment now available at The Doctor’s Toy Store. This liposuction unit is very comparable to the Microaire Pal 600e & Microaire Pal 650.

A new power-assisted liposuction device, the Pure Sculpt reduces superficial to large volumes of fat for more precise body sculpting and contouring. As opposed to power assisted liposuction devices like the Microaire Powered Assisted Liposuction and other reciprocating power liposuction devices, the Pure Sculpt operates in a rotating manner. This unique rotational motion generated by the system allows physicians to remove fatty tissue all the way around the cannula, rather than just above or below the ports. The powered handpiece speeds up traditional liposuction cases, but unlike other power-assisted devices, the handpiece is very lightweight and vibration is minimal.

As opposed to the Microair or vibrasate pro   , the Pure Sculpt has an internal structure that is much more mechanical. The system has no proprietary consumables and the cannulas are all stainless steel along with the handpiece. It is the only Power Assisted liposuction device that utilizes such exclusive, and best built cannulas. What has made the Microair great for decades has been reintroduced in the mechanical structure and incorporated to produce the most efficient and effective rotational power assisted liposuction device on the market. Instead of a jackhammer effect, the rotational motion causes a significant decrease in trauma to fat cells and the vascular system which increases the opportunities of a successful fat transfer.

If for any reason the handpiece stops working because emergencies happen more often than not, the Pure Sculpt system comes with a manual handpiece and premium stainless steel cannula for traditional liposuction.

This Power Assisted Liposuction Unit is designed to remove localized deposits of excess fat through a small incision. Contouring specific areas on a body with the Pure Sculpt Power Assisted Liposuction Unit results will be achieved. Using a lightweight comfortable hand-piece with an oscillating movement the procedure will be just that much more simple. Also giving the physician the simplicity of using the Power Assisted Liposuction Hand-piece, giving ease of stress on the wrist and hands.

Setting the Pure Sculpt Powered Assisted Liposuction Unit to desired angle of oscillating motion for the cannula can be set to 90°, 180°, 360°, or 720°. Once the angle is set then the physician can proceed to setting the desired  procedure time.

Unlike other Liposuction Units, with the Pure Sculpt both the hand-piece and the cord are autoclavable. It is recommended to use a power cable protector sleeve during procedures to extend the life of the cable, making it an easier process to clean and sterilize. Although they are both able to be sterilized it is also recommended to place both the hand-piece and the cord into a sterilization pouch then proceeding to sterilization. This unit does everything the Microaire Pal 600 & Microaire Pal 650 can do.


Weight : 11 Pounds
Dimensions: 15″ x 11″ x 7″
Power Requirements : 110 to 240 VAC
Operating Temperature Range : 5° Centigrade to 40° Centigrade , 41° Fahrenheit to 104° Fahrenheit
Electro Magnetic Compliance: (73/23/EEC)
Protection Against Electrical Shock : Class 1, Type BF
Enclosure Rating: Ordinary equipment
Motion: Oscillating
Speeds: 100, 360, 480 RPM
Angle: 90/180/360/720
Procedure Timing: Hours & Minutes


– Foot Switch to start and stop the oscillating motion (Cable)- (3) Three Cannulas
– Lightweight Hand Piece , 1¼ pounds (with cable that can be removed for sterilizing)
– Hospital grade power cord
– Manual Cannula Handle to accept the pure sculpt cannulas (For back up use)
– Black Carrying Case













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