PENTAX FB-19H Medical Fiber Bronchoscope


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Pentax FB-19H Medical Fiber Bronchoscope

The Pentax FB-19H Medical Fiber Bronchoscope is ergonomically designed and light weight to enhance user experience. The PENTAX Medical brand continues to be recognized for delivering cost-effective products of exceptional quality and durability

Pentax FB-19H Medical Fiber Bronchoscope Features

  • Field of view – 90⁰
  • Insertion Tube diameter – 6.2 mm
  • UP angulation – 160⁰
  • DOWN angulation – 100⁰
  • Working Length – 55 cm
  • Channel size – 2.0 mm

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  • Up to 160° tip deflection, a tight bending radius, and wide angle of view for easy maneuverability.
  • Optimum size working channels (up to 2.0 mm) to accommodate a wide range of instruments and high suction capacity.
  • PENTAX Medical CSV (Closed Suction Valve), a unique mechanism for improved suction.
  • Compatible with a battery-powered light source (BS portable series only) or connected to a conventional light source.
  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight control body, enhancing user performance.
  • Fully immersible and reprocessible allowing these instruments to be completely and effectively high-level disinfected or sterilized.
Health problem addressed

Devices that are introduced at the nose or mouth to observe distal branches of the bronchi. Through working channels in the bronchoscope, the physician can sample lung tissue (e.g., when pulmonary malignancies are suspected), instill radiographic media for bronchography studies, perform laser therapy, remove foreign objects, suction sputum for microbiological culturing, insert catheters, and perform difficult intubations.

Bronchoscope description

These devices consist of a proximal housing, a flexible insertion tube ranging from 0.5 to 7.0 mm in diameter, and an “umbilical cord” connecting the light source and the proximal housing. The proximal housing, which is designed to be held in one hand, typically includes the eyepiece (fiberoptic models only), controls for distal tip (bending section) angulation and suction, and the working channel port.

Principles of operation

The bronchoscope (either flexible or rigid) is inserted into the airways, usually through the mouth or nose. Sometimes the bronchoscope is inserted via a tracheostomy. Rigid bronchoscopes are used for the removal of foreign bodies while flexible video bronchoscopes are intended to provide images of a patient’s airways and lungs. Images provided by the bronchoscope can be focused by adjusting the ocular on the scope’s proximal housing. A video bronchoscope uses a charge-coupled device (CCD) located at the distal tip of the scope to sense and transmit images, replacing the image guide and eyepiece. These images can then be recorded, printed, stored on digital media, or transmitted to another location for simultaneous viewing.


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