Olympus Evis Exera BF-1T160 Video Bronchoscope

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Olympus Evis Exera BF-1T160 Video Bronchoscope

Introducing the Olympus Evis Exera BF-1T160 Video Bronchoscope

Designed to take bronchoscopic treatment to the next level, the new Olympus EVIS EXERA BF-1T160 scope incorporates a wide 2.8mm channel in a slim insertion tube that measures 6.0mm in diameter. Besides giving you more treatment options than ever before, this powerful scope also delivers larger, high-quality images thanks to the newly-developed high-resolution color-chip CCD built into the scope tip at the distal end. The Olympus Evis Exera BF-1T160 is fully-compatible with the Olympus CV-160 video system center and its existing CV-100/140 video system centers, offering you a cost-effective solution to all your endoscopic requirements.

Olympus Evis Exera BF-1T160 Features
  • Incorporates a compact, color-chip CCD (built into the scope tip) to provide clearer and more-detailed images than previous Olympus models
  • Expanded image size makes it easier to observe the minute details and subtle textures critical to successful procedures
  • Its 2.8mm diameter channel increases suction capability and allows a greater variety of Endo-Therapy accessories to be used, including a balloon-equipped ultrasonic probe
  • Bending section angulation range of 180º UP/130º DOWN allows easier handling and maneuverability in the smaller distal airways
  • Fully insulated to provide compatibility with electrosurgery and lasers
  • Ergonomically designed control section and switch layout helps reduce operator fatigue
  • Standard accessories are the same as those for all Olympus bronchoscopes


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