Olympus BF-Type P40 Endoscope

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Olympus BF-Type P40

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Olympus BF-P40 Fiberoptic Bronchoscope with 5.0mm Diameter, 2.2mm Channel, 55cm working length, 120° Angle of View, Angulation of 180°/130° Up/Down

The Olympus BF-P40, the first in a series of bronchofiberscopes with electrosurgical capability, has the design and features necessary to meet the demand for expanded bronchoscopic diagnostic and treatment capabilities. The scope includes a new control section and ergonomic design to facilitate increased operator comfort. It also provides a wider field of view, a smaller insertion tube and distal end diameter, and greater tip bending range all for easier operation during your procedures. And the BF-P40 includes improved suction and biopsy valves. All these features and more will help you reach a new level of performance in fiberoptic bronchoscopy.


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