Labconco Water Pro PS Nanopure

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Labconco Water Pro PS Nanopure

WaterPro PS Polishing Stations deliver Type I, 18.2 megohm-cm water from the dispensing valve at a typical rate of 1.8 liters per minute depending on feedwater flow rate and pressure, and installed purification modules. The control panel includes a timed dispense feature that allows unattended dispensing of pure water without risk of overfilling. The dispenser shuts off automatically once user-set time has elapsed. Labconco has designed WaterPro PS Stations with the right combinations of purification technologies to meet your needs. Choose from specialized stations for general chemistry, analytical, life science or combination usage. In addition, models designed for general chemistry may be upgraded with additional purification modules at a later time for use in analytical or life science applications.


  • Timed dispense for unattended operation
  • Automatic/intermittent recirculation through polishing loop to maintain water quality, minimize bacterial growth and reduce rinse up time
  • Attractive and corrosion-resistant Type 304 stainless steel front panel
  • Unpigmented virgin natural polypropylene bowls have no impurities to contaminate water.
  • Water quality alert. LED flashes the actual megohm-cm when water quality falls below set point.
  • Built-in dispensing center
  • Quiet 1/4 hp motor and rotary vane recirculation pump
  • Dispensing valve
  • Wall mountable
  • TOC dump valve allows a small portion of purified water to drain during automatic recirculation to maintain low TOC levels (Analytical Instrument and Hybrid models).
  • UV flush valve allows a small portion of the purified water to rinse the ultrafilter during automatic recirculation to extend the life of the ultrafilter (Life Science and Hybrid models).
  • ETL listed (115 volt models)


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