HOTLINE® Fluid Warmer HL-90


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HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmers deliver normothermic fluid at routine flow rates. The unique triple-lumen tubing design eliminates patient line cool down and delivers warm fluids to your patients. Disposable set up is easy and fast, and requires less priming volume than other routine flow fluid warmers.

Product Benefits

  • Keeps blood and fluids warm, between 37 – 42°C, delivering warm fluids to the patient at flow rates up to 5000 ml/hr
  • Outperforms hotplate technologies in 91% of surgical procedures
  • Easy to use: less time to set up and easy to disconnect from the patient
  • Once-a-year reservoir maintenance protocol compared to hotplate warmers, which may require maintenance up to 12 times per year, means lower maintenance costs


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