DTS IV Pole with 2-hooks


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DTS IV Pole w/ 2-hooks

Removable hooks on this DTS IV pole with an easy push-pin release. Chrome-plated steel with weighted base provides strength and durability, while, most importantly, reducing the risk of tipping. A locking collar allows for simple height adjustment to the stem and four rubber wheels ensure smooth transportation and maneuverability.


  • 4 rubber wheels provide for a smooth transport and maneuverability
  • Chrome plated steel with weighted base provides strength, durability and reduces the risk of tipping
  • Easy to release push-pin
  • Locking collar allows for easy height adjustment
  • Removable hooks make this economy IV pole versatile


IV, or intravenous poles are devices used to hold bags of fluid or medicine that is being given to a patient at a steady flow. This is done by hanging a bag of fluid on a hook near the top of the pole. The fluid then runs through a tube and into a patient’s veins. They are a common sight for anyone who has been a patient in, or visited a hospital. Typically, they have a rolling base making them portable so they stay with patients wherever they need to go within a facility. There are also ceiling mount IV poles that are used in hospitals to save space in small treatment rooms. IV poles all provide the same function, being a secure place to hang medicine for a patient.

There are many options to choose from, including how many wheeled legs the pole should have, four to five being the most common for stability. IV poles with wheels are a main option for mobility purposes, but they are not a requirement. The number of hooks at the top is also an option, 2 to 4 hooks are the most popular choices. The typical minimal height is 45 inches, but most IV poles are adjustable. What an IV pole is made of is another option to consider when choosing the right type for your facility. This can determine whether a pole will be safe to use in a room where magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment is located. The diameter of the base is an option to consider, as well as the weight of the pole, rubber bumpers on the wheels to protect walls, and how much weight the hooks can hold.


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