Geneforce Emergency Power System GEN-420


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Geneforce Emergency Power System, GEN-420

Geneforce is the World’s first gas-free rechargeable generator. This technology has been extensively tested and utilized in the medical field for many years without any reported failures. The GEN-420 does not rely on gasoline and, thus, is safe for indoor.

The GEN-420 has a transfer time of 0.8 milliseconds and can provide emergency power for greater than two hours in an operating room setting.

  • With no emission or gases, this battery-based generator is safe for use indoors
  • The generator features 1500 continuous wattage and 4500 surge wattage for your basic power needs
  • The generator arrives ready to use – there’s no installation or maintenance required
  • The generator features silent operation for quiet, reliable emergency power
  • 5,040 Watts storage capacity
  • Automatic & one-touch start
  • Multi-colored LED displays the state of charge, fault conditions, AC input, DC voltage and DC Amperage
  • Built-in voltage regulation system for sensitive electronics and medical equipment
  • Built-in automatic AC transfer switch
  • 30 Amp solar charge controller for solar charging
  • 1,500 Watts continuous output / 4,500 Watts surge output


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