Corometrics 145 Fetal Monitor


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Corometrics 145 Fetal Monitor

The Corometrics 145 Fetal Monitor comes complete with multiple transducers and Velcro straps perfect for monitoring the fetus during pregnancy and childbirth. Providing several different function options, the Corometrics 145 is simple, accurate and reliable.

The GE Corometrics 145 single fetal monitor is designed for OB/GYN offices, clinical settings and hospitals. The GE Corometrics 145 offers the following features: external uterine activity monitoring, fetal heart rate high/low threshold alarms, heartbeat coincidence feature to ensure you are not monitoring the same fetus twice, and large LED’s for ease of viewing, provides clear accurate ultrasound FHR tracings.

  • Fetal Monitor Complete with Toco and US Transductor
  • Provides clear accurate ultrasound FHR tracings
  • High resolution thermal linear array printing offers silent, easy-to-read recording of data and annotations
  • Convenient push button auto-zeroing of the toco transducer affords consistent uterine activity recordings.

Corometrics 145 Fetal Monitor Specifications:

  • Max Power Watts: 50
  • Line Frequency: 48-62 hz
  • Ref: 0145AAL
  • Sn: 0371453



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