CooperSurgical LEEP System 1000 Workstation

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CooperSurgical LEEP System 1000 – KH1000

The CooperSurgical LEEP System 1000 has been designed to meet the unique requirements of the office-based practice or healthcare clinic. Fully integrated and mobile, the Workstation combines three components for maximum efficiency:

  • LEEP System 1000 Electrosurgical GENERATOR
  • Compact Mobile CART

CooperSurgical SMOKE EVACUATOR Features

The CooperSurgical Smoke Evacuation System three-stage air filtration system is used to remove airborne particulate plume produced during office and surgical procedures.

  • Low noise level
  • Triple filtration of air provides efficiency level for 0.014 microns rated at 99.999%. This includes a pre-filter, a charcoal filter for odor removal and a final safety filter placed after the charcoal filter
  • Adjustable high air flow for effective collection of plume
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Conveniently attaches to the CooperSurgical LEEP System 1000 Workstation

CooperSurgical LEEP System 1000 GENERATOR Features

  • Isolated power output and LED display located in the front for precise power selection, delivery and ease of use
  • Flush face-plate membrane facilitates operation and cleaning
  • Microprocessor-controlled for increased precision, accuracy, reproducibility and safety
  • Provides a choice of CUT, BLEND and COAG waveforms to accommodate subtle differences in technique and electrode performance
  • Pneumatic Foot Pedal for maximum safety
  • Automatic self-test mechanism ensures accurate system operation
  • Integrated Smoke Evacuator controls
  • Adequate power for all LEEP monopolar electrosurgical procedures
  • Accurate selection of discrete power levels
  • Digital display of output power levels
  • Patient Plate continuity monitoring with audible alarm
  • Distinct audible tones for CUT/BLEND modes and COAG mode with associated MODE light
  • Fully regulated isolated output power
  • Meets or exceeds IEC 601-2-2, second edition
  • Non-electric pneumatic Foot Pedal to maximize safety
  • Choice of reusable or disposable Patient Plate
  • Choice of reusable or disposable Handpiece
  • Choice of reusable or disposable electrodes
  • Output power safety audible alarm with automatic power shut-off
  • Class 1, type BF, protected for use with defibrillator
  • Membrane switching to maximize cleanliness and ease of use

CooperSurgical LEEP CART Features

  • Generator and smoke evacuator in one compact station for added mobility and functionality
  • Designed to work within small exam rooms
  • Heavy-duty casters ensure easy mobility
  • Convenient interior storage shelves
  • Elegant design for modern medical facilities



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