Clear Sound Betty Boop Nurse Stethoscope


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Clear Sound Betty Boop Nurse Stethoscope from Prestige Medical

The Clear Sound™ Betty Boop Nurse Stethoscope has all of the great features of the standard Clear Sound™, but with a Betty Boop Nurse design imprinted inside the chestpiece.

Ideal for use through bandages or clothing and with an assessment through up to 10 layers of folded towels! The chestpiece is made from impact resistant acrylic resin.

Betty Boop stethoscope has ultra-sensitive acoustics that are accurate through bandages or clothing. Clear assessment through 10 layers of terry cloth towel. Head manufactured from high impact, shatter resistant acrylic resin. Lifetime limited warranty. This item cannot be shipped outside of the continental United States. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Betty Boop Nurse Stethoscope Features and Specs

  • Soft PVC Eartips and ID tag
  • Betty Boop Nurse imprinted inside the chestpiece.
  • Weight: Appx. 4.2 oz
  • Total length: Appx. 30 inches


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