Brayden Pro CPR Manikin

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Brayden Pro CPR Manikin

The Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin is the latest in the line of Brayden manikins. There are three indicator lights which let instructors and students know if the procedures are being performed correctly:

  1. Blood Circulation Indicators – these lights will change speed to reflect the blood flow in proportion to compression depth, which aids in visualizing the blood flow from the heart to the brain.
  2. CPR Quality Indicators – these lights will only activate when the compression speed and depth correctly coincide with the given default value.
  3. Compression Indicators – depending on the quality of CPR given, these indicators will light partially or completely. When the indicators light completely this shows the procedure has been performed correctly. The indicators are interrelated with the given default value of depth and compression speed prescribed in the AHA 2010 CPR Guidelines. (The Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin can be configured to the AHA 2015 CPR Guidelines.)

Additional features include:

  • Intuitive app and feedback screens which provide real-time CPR feedback, including hands-off time and ventilation performance.
  • The Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin offers a timeline of assessed performance which is measured through 8 key CPR metrics for quantitative analysis and debriefing.
  • The manikin can be configured for AHA and ERC (2015) Guidelines.
  • The Brayden Pro can also be set for different responder skill levels, 1 or 2 responder scenarios, ventilation only, or compression only.
  • The instructor has the ability to monitor up to 6 manikins.
  • Bluetooth® link connects the manikin to the app on an Android tablet, which allows the data to be exported.

Skin is RoHS and REACH compliant, and is not made with natural rubber latex. Cleanup is quick and easy. Measures 24-5/8″L x 14-3/8″ W x 9-13/16″ D. Weight – 11 lbs. The Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin uses the same accessories as the original Brayden CPR Training Manikin


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