Image Pro I Skin Imaging System


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Image Pro I Skin Imaging System

The Image Pro I Skin Imaging System quickly analyzes skin health.
The system combines the best of photography and skin analysis into an easy-to-use tool for the modern aesthetic professional.
The Image Pro I is the most affordable, computerized skin imaging system available. Image Pro I outperforms competitors such as Visia.
The system’s high resolution optics take multiple images of the full face and underlying layers of the skin simultaneously. The camera not only captures the skin in nearly microscopic detail, it also reveals skin damage that can not be seen with the naked eye.

With Image Pro I Skin Analysis Software you will have the ability to:

  • Analyze fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, excess oil, bacteria and sun damage
  • View and print detailed assessment reports
  • Measures exact eyelash length
  • Images are easily accessed with our database manager
  • Store images, detailed notes and recommendations

The Image Pro I includes:  skin imaging system and laptop computer.

Compared to other skin imaging systems, the Image Pro I:

  • More affordable
  • Offers free upgrades
  • Captures perfect pictures every time with our Enclosed Lighting Source
  • Offers more comprehensive reports
  • Stores your product images and descriptions
  • Is more portable for use at events and other locations



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