Riester RVS-100 Patient Monitor With Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope RVS-200


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Riester RVS-100 Patient Monitor With Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope RVS-200


RVS-200 is a versatile, integrated modular wall diagnostic station which like the RVS-100 measures pulse rate (PR), oxygen saturation (SpO2), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) and temperature (oral/axillary probe) with the additional option to add ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes and dermatoscopes. The flexible, modular design offers many configurations and settings to suit the needs of hospitals and clinics as well as office based and long-term care settings.

Features and benefits – hardware

  • Large 8“ full HD colour TFT-LCD screen displays large numbers and bright colour-coded parameters so that vital signs can be seen clearly and interpreted easily.
  • Screen is visible in both dark and lit rooms.
  • The touch screen and intuitive user interface makes it quick and easy for patient information to be entered and settings amended as required.
  • The modular design is chosen by the customer around their needs, starting with the choice between a table/mobile stand or wall mounted, through to the optional accessories like a printer.
  • Can be plugged into the mains or powered off the battery for 17 hours.2
  • Riester is committed to providing reliable clinical measurements, including the choice of SpO2:
    • Riester
    • Nellcor
  • Centralised power supply supports up to 3 diagnostic handles, from a choice of Riester ri-scope® L and EliteVue instrument heads:
    • Otoscopes
    • Ophthalmoscopes
    • Retinoscopes
    • Dermatoscopes
    • Tongue Blade Holders
    • Nasal Speculums
    • Bent Arm Illuminators
  • Integrated specula dispenser for the otoscope and nasal specula with 5 tubes for 5 different sizes of specula, dispenses a new specula for each examination and is easy to re-fill and disinfect.

Features and benefits – software

  • RVS-100 is programmed with EWS: NEWS, MEWS and 5 customisable profiles which can be set by the end-user if they have bespoke requirements.
  • Serve a large patient population with the ability to save up to 1,000 patient records, with up to 5,000 measurements per patient.
  • Can be used on all patient types: adult, paediatric and neonate.
  • RVS-100 can communicate through a wired or wireless connection to the hospital’s EMR/EHR, according to the HL7 standard.3
  • Software languages available: Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (Europe) and Traditional Chinese


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