Olympus GF-UM30P Ultrasound Gastroscope


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Olympus GF-UM30P Ultrasound Gastroscope

The Dr’s Toy Store brings you the Olympus GF-UM30P Ultrasound Gastroscope with Endoscopic Ultrasound at distal. Can be used as just a fiber optic scope or connected to the EU-M30 for endoscopic ultrasound (not included). The scope is 13 mm x 1250 mm with working channel, 4-way articulation, There are 2 broken fibers along the edge, the view is very clear and crisp. The scope does not come with a valve set.

Olympus GF-UM30P Ultrasound Gastroscope Specifications

  • Optical System
    • Field of View: 80°
    • Direction of View: Side
  • Insertion Tube
    • Insertion Tube Outer Diameter: 11.7 mm
    • Working Length: 1270 mm
  • Instrument Channel
    • Inner Channel Diameter: 2.8 mm
  • Bending Section
    • Angulation Range: Up 130° | Down 90° | Right 90° | Left 90°

Patients with acute gastrointestinal bleeding require urgent endoscopy to identify and treat the bleeding site. Endoscopy also identifies prognostic indicators that help assess the risk of continued bleeding or rebleeding. However, adequate localization and treatment of an acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding site is often precluded by the presence of blood, clots, and retained food. Currently available standard and therapeutic upper endoscopes with an instrumentation channel of 2.8 to 3.7 mm are often ineffective for clearing large blood clots and retained food material.

History of Gastrocamera

Photography evolved in a different direction by development of the gastrocamera in 1952 by Uji and the Olympus Corporation of Japan, gaining widespread use in Japan by the early 1960s, although it was little used in the United States. This line of instruments used a miniature intragastric camera and flash lighting in an instrument resembling a present-day fiberscope. The camera was aimed in a number of preset positions with or without fluoroscopic guidance to photograph overlapping segments of the cavity. Fine-grain film provided high-quality images that have hardly been equaled by other techniques, even today. The stomach could be more completely examined than with the semi-flexible lens-optic gastroscope, albeit not in real time. The gastrocamera era, well documented by Morrissey, lasted a relatively short time and by the late 1960s was overtaken by the introduction of fiberoptic instrumentation.


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