Getinge GSS10 Surgical Scrub Sink


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Getinge GSS10 Surgical Scrub Sink


Getinge Scrub Sinks have been designed to assure

Surgeons and OR staff can achieve required aseptic scrub

procedures, whether using count-stroke or timed scrub

methods. A thermostatically controlled mixing valve will

automatically maintain water temperature, not to exceed

115°F (46°C). Available as Manual Model or Electric

Model, with one, two or three wash stations.


Getinge electric scrub sinks are equipped standard with

electric water valve and digital timer. Press and release the

knee panel labeled “WATER” to open the electric water

valve and start the flow of water. Press and release the

knee panel again to stop the flow of water.

Each bay is equipped standard with a 24V digital timer,

located in the front edge of the top shelf

.When the electric

water valve is opened, the digital timer will start counting up

in seconds-minutes and can be used to time the duration

of a scrub session.When the water valve is closed, the timer

will turn off and re-set to zero for the next scrub session.




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