Ellman Dento-Surg 90 FFP Electrosurgical Unit

Ellman Dento-Surg 90 FFP Electrosurgical Unit

Ellman Dento-Surg 90 FFP Electrosurgical Unit is a high-frequency unit for surgical incisions that causes the least tissue damage, resulting in superior healing. Dento-Surg 90 FFP is the only unit operating at 3.8MHz for smooth, bloodless cutting in a wide range of corrective and cosmetic procedures.

Ellman Dento-Surge 90 FFP Features:

  • Maximize hemorrhage control
  • Expose subgingival decay
  • Planing of soft tissue (unique to radiosurgery)
  • Bacteria-free incisions
  • Pressure-less incisions
  • Reduced chair time
  • Easy access to the site (bendable electrodes)
  • Restoration quality improved
  • A host of unique features and safety aspects
  • Four types of radiosurgical current available
  • ADA accepted
  • Fully Filtered (Cut)
  • Fully Rectified (Cut/Coag)
  • Partially Rectified (Hemo)
  • Fulguration
  • Four types of radiosurgical current available
  • High Frequency units independently assessed
Ellman Dento-Surg 90 FFP Technical Description
  • Frequency: 3.8 MHz
  • Line Voltage: 110/120 Volts, Alternating Current: 50/60 Cycles
  • Power Output: 90 + Watts
  • Size: 5” x 5” x 8”
  • Weight: 7 lbs.

Ellman Dento-Surg 90 FFP Radiosurgical Unit Includes

  • Handpiece—HP1
  • Antenna Plate—H4
  • Six Electrodes—EDS193B
  • Operation Manual—EDS193A
  • Built in Footswitch


• Impacted tooth exposure
• Operculectomies
• Orthodontic exposure
• Removal of epulis fissuratum
• Tuberosity reduction
• Apicoectomies
• Destruction of cyst remnants
• Incision and drainage
• Implant flaps and exposure
• Bipolar microcoagulation
• Removal of benign and malignant lesions
• Palatal stripping of hyperplastic palate (papillomatosis)


• Widen sulcus or trough for impression
• Recontour pontic areas
• Recontour denture saddle areas
• Expose fractured facings for repair
• Remove tissue to facilitate bonded bridge placement


• Pulpotomies
• Apicoectomies
• Coagulation of a pinpoint exposure
• Coagulation of fractured incisor
• Hemostasis and sterilization
of endodontic canals
• Hyperplastic tissue removal for rubber dam placement
• Accelerate internal and external bleaching procedures



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