Conmed System 5000 ESU



System 5000

Electrosurgical Generator (ESU)

Uniting technology with versatility.

The System 5000™ Electrosurgery Generator provides the opportunity to fine tune the electrosurgical generator to specific procedure and surgeon preferences. General Mode delivers the full energy performance of CONMED’s Dynamic Response Technology, which immediately detects and automatically adjusts to changes in tissue impedance. Other modes include Pulse Coag, Pulse Cut, Micro Bipolar, and Macro Bipolar.

Unique modes on the System 5000™ include the Fluids Mode and Lap Mode. Fluids Mode is used for an additional boost of energy in procedures taking place in a fluid environment. Lap Mode limits open circuit voltages to below 2700 volts in all modalities and reduces the potential risk of inadvertent burns from capacitive coupling.


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