Allen® Medical Pink Fins Stirrups


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The Pinkfin Elite Lift-Assist Stirrups 500 lb. include one set of pneumatic lift-assist legholders, a set of pressure management boot pads, and one set of CL-1500 side-rail clamps with ergonomic soft touch adjustment knob. The lift-assisted leg positioning system is a pneumatic lift assist system that mimics natural hip motion to help reduce unnecessary risks. This system offers a 120-degree travel range with handle controls abduction and adduction. To adjust the lithotomy positioning, surgeons can twist the handle to achieve the desired position. This system has a 500 lb. capacity.

Features of the Certified Pre-Owned Pinkfin Elite Lift-Assist Stirrups 500 lb. include:

  • 500 lb. max patient support
  • Pneumatic lift assisted lithotomy stirrups are designed to travel a full 120 degrees, from +90 degrees to -30 degrees
  • Rotating hand grip locking mechanism
  • Handle-controlled side-rail clamps, abduction and adduction
  • Full lateral support stirrup system to help reduce potential nerve damage
  • Constructed and assembled in the United States


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