Accutron Precision Nitrous Oxide System

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Accutron Precision Nitrous Oxide System

The Doctor’s Toy Store is pleased to offer the Accutron Precision Nitrous Oxide System. This product is a high-quality and innovative nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation device. By and large, it has helped the patients of doctors and dentists experience a more comfortable and relaxing experience for over 45 years.

Unquestionably, the Accutron Precision Nitrous Oxide System leads the industry in providing quality sedation systems to the medical field. Given that this product emphasizes a focus on safety and efficiency, the Accutron system is a critical asset to any medical practice group.

The portable manifold has an “E” yoke with pressure regulators and gauges, two or four gas cylinder anchors, and a mobile stand. Finally, this portable nitrous oxide-oxygen delivery system integrates with a flowmeter, DISS hoses, a scavenging system including rubber goods (breathing bag and corrugated tube), and gas cylinders.

Features and Benefits:

  • One of the safest forms of sedation
  • Emergency shut off valve
  • Protects against excess N2O
  • Comfortable for most patients
  • Infection control standards
  • Post-treatment restrictions are minimized
  • Relaxed patient allows for quicker and more efficient work

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