Pingfan Instrument TDZ5-WS Low Speed Centrifuge


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Pingfan Instrument TDZ5-WS Low Speed Centrifuge 

Pingfan Instrument TDZ5-WS Low Speed Centrifuge Features:

1.) Using computer control, digital display, brushless DC motor drive, 10 user program storage.
2.) Downtime is short, the shortest acceleration time ≤ 5s electronic door locks, stainless steel cavity.
3.) Based RCF key, always observe the centrifugal force, any change can only be run parameters.
4.) With fault self-diagnostic system that can automatically detect the speed imbalance and other self-locking door cover faults and fault information in the display window, to improve equipment safety.


Pingfan Instrument TDZ5-WS Low Speed Centrifuge Technical Data

  • Maximum speed 6000 r/min
  • Max RCF 5040g
  • Maximum capacity 1400 ml
  • Timer range 1s-99min
  • Noise <63dB (A)
  • Display mode LED/LCD
  • Motor frequency  motor
  • Power Supply AC220V 50HZ 5A
  • Dimension 530*450*360 mm
  • Weight 30 kg


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