Midmark Soniclean M250 Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Midmark Soniclean M250 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Introducing the Midmark Soniclean M250 Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The Midmark Soniclean M250 Ultrasonic Cleaner comes is an independent national laboratory ranked the Soniclean the quietest ultrasonic cleaner among all units tested, and the only ultrasonic cleaner to be ranked “excellent” for noise comfort. That’s important for your staff and patients. Reprints of the study are available on request.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

This line of ultrasonic cleaners includes three models with capacities of 1-1/2 gallons, 2-1/2 gallons and 5-1/2 gallons. Each model is constructed using durable, industrial style 40kHz transducers. These provide increased cleaning power along with built in sweep frequency to ensure uniform cleaning activity throughout the bath. For safety and operator convenience, all three sizes have built in drains and are supplied with tank drain kits. Each model is supplied with a mechanical timer which can be set from 1 to 60 minutes. The timer also includes a “HOLD” position that will permit continuous operation.

How Ultrasonics Cleaning Works

Ultrasonic sound is sound transmitted at frequencies generally beyond the range of human hearing. In your ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic sound (sonics) is used for cleaning materials and parts. This is how it works:

  • As the sound waves from the transducer radiate through the solution in the tank, they cause alternating high and low pressures in the solution.
  • During the low pressure stage, millions of microscopic bubbles form and grow. This process is called CAVITATION, meaning “formation of cavities”.
  • During the high pressure stage, the bubbles collapse, or “implode” releasing enormous amounts of energy. These implosions act like an army of tiny scrub brushes. They work in all directions, attacking every  surface and invading all recesses and openings.


  • Tank Capacity: 2.5 gal. (9.51 L)
  • Tank Size: 11.5″ W x 9.5″ L x 6″ D (292.1 x 241.3 x 152.4 mm)
  • Overall size: 16″ W x 15.5″ L x 14.5″ D (406.4 x 393.7 x 368.3 mm)
  • Weight: 14 lbs. (6.4 kg)
  • Does not include required Safety Basket which is sold separately.


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