Medi-Products: The Reassurance Surgical Battery Backup System



Medi-Products: The Reassurance Surgical Battery Backup System

Excellent Surgical Battery Backup Inverter System for the hospital. Custom made box with castors for easy transport around medical facilities. Magnum ME-RC Control Panel for easy use and control. This medical UPS was introduced by MEDI+Products in 1990 and continues in production to the present time. The REASSURANCE™ is a self-contained uninterruptible power supply, housed in a stainless steel cabinet on a castor-wheeled base. Optionally it can be fitted with equipment shelving transforming it into an unitized surgical equipment tower. The REASSURANCE™ is a complete portable battery backup system, including the batteries. It has an automatic transfer switch which switches to battery power as soon as the utility power is lost. Once the input power is restored it will automatically pass through the utility power and recharge the batteries. It simply plugs into any existing wall outlet, and is ready to use when delivered, requiring no installation!

Magnum ME-RC Control Panel

Centralize inverter/charger monitoring and programming into a single display.

The ME-ARC provides advanced remote control of Magnum inverters/chargers giving you the ability to program and control functions from one convenient location—without climbing into a locker or engine compartment. The advanced microprocessor in the remote unlocks the more user settable features in accessories such as the automatic generator start (ME-AGS-N) controller, the battery monitor kit (ME-BMK) and others (each sold separately). The added control of this enhanced remote provides additional charging operations not found in the ME-RC remote.

User friendly LCD display and push button rotary knob makes programing and control easier. Different menus can be accessed using soft touch buttons then cycled through and modified using the rotary knob. The rotary knob can be pushed to make selections. Once programmed, the settings can be password protected to avoid accidental modifications.

LED indicators provide straightforward status information for inverter/charger, communication ports and auxiliary relays.

Soft-touch buttons provide ON/OFF control of inverter and charger. The favorites (Favs) button allows you to select from up to 5 settings you use most often for quick access. Other buttons offer give quick access to vital system data including fault history and meter functions and communication and accessory port information.

Streamline electrical system setup and monitoring by channeling the control of inverter/charger to a single remote panel with a Magnum ME-ARC remote control.

Key Features

  • Provides remote access and control of inverter/charger
  • User friendly display and rotary select knob for easier programming
  • LED indicators offer status information for inverter/charger, communication ports, and aux relays
  • ON/OFF button offers quick control of inverter or charger
  • Advanced settings for five-stage battery charging (adds silent or full stage).
  • Compatible with any Magnum inverter/charger (functions will be limited by inverter/charger)?



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