K180 Otoscope Ophthalmoscope with 3.5V NT 300 Desk Charging System


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K180 Otoscope Ophthalmoscope with 3.5V Desk Charging System

Introducing the K180 Otoscope Ophthalmoscope w/ 3.5V NT 300

Features & Benefits:

NT 300 Charger
• Innovative, compact design. Practical and space-saving.
• Two independent charging compartments. Complete functionality for one or two handles at a time.
• Fast charge feature. 2 hours to recharge rechargeable handle with Li-Ion L rechargeable battery. 4 hours for other rechargeable handles.
• Automatic charging. Independent of the state of charge of the rechargeable battery.
• Guarantees extended battery life.
• Charge status display. Light pulses from the charging compartment to confirm the charging mode.
• Compatible with BETA L, BETA NT, Standard F.O., Short F.O. and Angled F.O.

• Precision HEINE optics. Brilliant retinal image.
• XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light. Clear retinal image.
• Ergonomic shape. The instrument fits the orbita comfortably.
• Choice of 5 apertures. For both large and small pupils.
• Dust resistant housing. Maintenance free.
• High impact polycarbonate housing for durability.

• Fiber Optic (F.O.) illumination
• Constructed of high impact polycarbonate
• 3x magnification scratch-resistant acrylic viewing window
• Airtight window seal for a reliable test of tympanic mobility
• Swiveling viewing window, useful for instrumentation, cannot be misplaced.


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