Hawkeye Portable Light Source Kit

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Hawkeye SuperNOVA & Mini Maglite Portable Light Source Bundle

This is a portable light source made by Hawkeye, SuperNOVA Delivers more light and for a long run time and intensity control and the Mini Maglite that is lightweight and portable. These Portable Light Sources are standard for every hawkeye borescope and kit. The Mini Maglite flashlight has a stainless steel borescope adapter. It is bright enough to illuminate bores and small cylinders and is extremely light and portable. These light source scope adapters come with their respective chargers and a SuperKit Carrying Case.

Portable Light Source Kit includes:

  • Charger Units
  • SuperKit Carrying Case
  • SuperNOVA Portable Light Source
  • Mini MagLite Portable Light Source


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