FloPoint Elite Uroflow System


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Verathon FloPoint Elite Uroflow System

Verathon FloPoint Elite Uroflow Complete System is intended for uroflowmetry exams or the study of urine discharge rate and its volume in determining of comparative urological functions. The FloSensor is placed in a toilet bowl with a disposable funnel placed on top of the Uroflow to direct the urine flow into the sensor. A patient can be sitting or standing when using the FloPoint Elite Uroflow.

The ScanPoint Remote acts as a remote control for starting and stopping the FloSensor. The Remote to the FloPoint Elite Uroflow System receives data from the FloSensor vie a wireless radio link and displays it on the LCD exam and device status to the user. The Remote downloads this data to a computer with ScanPoint with QuickPrint software.

Verathon FloPoint Elite Uroflow System includes:

  • FloPoint Elite Uroflow
  • ScanPoint Remote
  • ScanPoint Docking Station

PDF: FloPoint Elite Uroflow System User Manual
PDF: FloPoint Elite UroFlow System Brochure


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