If you are in the medical profession or a faculty in an educational institution, you would understand the importance of microscopes. It is generally believed that microscopes are a major invention that has helped in achieving numerous milestones in scientific studies. The instrument has revolutionized scientific and medical research. There are numerous kinds of microscopes available in the market today for different purposes. Microscopes are used in various fields, primarily in education, medicine and scientific studies.

Microscopic Use in Education
Microscopes are considered indispensable tools in schools, colleges and universities. Students are taught basic scientific stuffs with the help of sturdy, long-lasting microscopes. Most of the microscopes used in educational institutions are one of the three types – monocular, binocular or dual-headed microscope.

Microscopic Use in Medical Studies
Microscopes are most commonly used medical studies. Microscopes such as Unico G390 Heated Stage Microscopes and Unico G500 Series Microscopes are used for various medical examinations. The Unico G390 Heated Stage Microscope is used for semen analysis and live cell maintenance. On the other hand, the Unico G500 Series Microscopes are full-featured, versatile equipment designed for extended time viewing. Since medical and scientific studies are closely inter-related, the scope and use of microscope is very similar.

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