Becoming a medical equipment repair technician

A medical equipment repair technician works with high-tech equipment, also called biomedical equipment in hospitals, clinics and electronic repair shops. He is required to keep all the medical devices functional and in their best condition.

What are the steps involved?

Technicians use a variety of tools and devices to repair and maintain medical equipment such as beds, defibrillators or electric wheelchairs. Their job is extremely important since it deals with medical devices designed to support patients’ vital body systems.

It is often required to have an associate’s degree in biomedical technology in order to be employed. Some employers ask for a bachelor’s degree which is needed for more advanced repair positions in the field.  An associate’s degree will help you receive an entry level position as a medical equipment repair technician and will include different kinds of courses.  You can enhance your skills and abilities by taking as many science and mathematics courses as possible and become more familiar with electronics and computer networking.

An associate degree program takes two years to complete, and is usually followed by internship courses at local hospitals or different work regarding electronics and human anatomy. Although not all schools provide this type of programs to their students, internships are vital in preparing a medical repair technician for the next stage. They are a great source of experience and future employment positions.

Depending on the type of medical equipment repair device that is used, a new technician will need months of supervised training and directions. One of the most important conditions for working in this type of environment is excellent dexterity and also time management. Stress can be a major part of the job, because of night shifts or travels, but experience and determination are valuable assets in this type of work.