Should You Consider Cosmetic Laser Surgery?


Cosmetic lasers and laser resurfacing procedures are something people have been introduced to in recent years, and seem to become more popular. Lasers are medical devices which use intense energy “single-colored” light, for different parts of the body and the surface of the skin. However, as with every medical intervention, not everyone can make a suitable candidate.

Are cosmetic lasers good for you?

Although they have shown great results in treating skin damage, skin aging or sun burns, some people should avoid undergoing such procedures. It is the case of people who have a more sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the medication used after the surgery, in order for their skin to be healed. Also, it is considered that people who have a darker skin tone represent a higher injury risk, because the intense light can actually alter their natural skin color.

Laser surgery was actually discovered by accident, when surgeons using a laser to treat acne scars realized that the surface of the skin became more rejuvenated, while the wrinkles were considerably reduced. Lasers can soften the surface of the skin, soften wrinkles around the eyes and face, and remove certain pigmentations and blemishes. Also, they are a much easier and more precise method to use in such cases than a knife or a needle.

Regardless of the procedure you are required to do, it is very important to have a qualified practitioner to do this. Because of the higher request, the market has been flooded with too many laser manufacturers these days, eager to sell their products to anyone who will buy them.

It’s important to look for the best people because they understand the basics of how laser is absorbed by the skin and how much they should use. A professional dermatologist or plastic surgeon can explain all the risks involved in a cosmetic laser procedure and help you achieve your expectations.