People are more aesthetically minded than ever before. This means there is a good reason for doctors, physicians and health care professionals to carry cosmetic lasers and related equipment and products in their facilities.

Laser skin resurfacing (LSR) plays an important role in rejuvenation therapy. Skin lasers can also be used for the treatment of malignant lesions. These lasers can also be used for facelifts and brow lifts.

Traditional skin care products such as creams, moisturisers and vitamins are limited due to the skins barrier to absorption.  Cosmetic lasers put the power of sonophoresis into qualified hands. Sonophoresis temporarily reduces the skins absorption resistance enabling useful substances with high molecular weights to penetrate the skin more easily.

Cosmetic laser such as the Alma skin laser promotes intense delivery of rejuvenating ingredients that help diminish the visible signs of aging. This type of procedure can also be a supplemental to other procedures such as peels, facials and microdermabrasion.

There are many benefits to sonophoresis as delivered by certain cosmetic lasers. These include:

  • Improved delivery and absorption of cosmetic products and ingredients
  • Reduces wrinkles and facial lines
  • Makes the skin look younger, firmer and more energised
  • Can deliver different types of cosmetic creams and ingredients

Absorption of cosmetic ingredients can be increased by as much as a 1000 times. The bubbles or pockets caused by the lasers sound wave get filled with rejuvenating ingredients and these are pushed deeper an deeper into the layers of the skin.

Specialised lasers such as pulsed carbon dioxide (CO2) and erbium YAG enables a surgeon to have precise control over ablation depth and heating. LSR helps to tighten collagen fibers and encourages neocollagen secretions inside the dermis.

A dermatologist or skin specialist will be able to advise you regarding appropriate cosmetic laser treatment, be it laser skin resurfacing or of sonophoresis laser treatment.