Dr’s Toy Store has many Electrosurgical Units For Sale. Below listed, are two that we highly recommend. There are many others very close and comparable to these listed. Check out all of our Electrosurgical Units For Sale at the Doctor’s Toy Store.

  • Choosing the right Electrosurgical Unit is key depending on your specialty.
  • An Electrosurgical Unit is extremely important since it is used for invasive surgery.

Why Choosing the Right Electrosurgical Unit is Important

An Electrosurgical Unit is used to cut and coag patients or animals which is the most risky part of medical procedures. As a doctor or medical professional you can understand that surgery is a very risky procedure and there are possibilities of issues if utilizing the wrong type of Electrosurgical Device.

There are certain Electrosurgical Units that use frequency instead of heat to cut and coag on the patients which cause a more rapid recovery post surgery.

What Electrosurgical Units use Frequency vs Heat

The Elmman Surgitron FFPF is one of the hottest Electrosurgical Units. The Ellman brand is quality and has the capability of using frequency instead of heat to cut and coag. This function is extremely important if you want your patients to be happy after surgery and cause less suffering during post surgery, their recovery is important and will result in a better experience for your patients.

Top Quality Electrosurgical Units in the Market Currently

The Ellman Surgitron FFPF and the Bovie J-Plasma BVX-200P are the best options. Depending on what you would like to offer as far as procedures both will provide the best quality when it comes to Electrosurgical Devices.

High Quality Cost Effective (Surgical Procedures)

Ellman Surgitron FFPF

Buy the Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Now!
This is one of the most popular Electrosurgcal Units today. Very affordable, you as well as your patients will be extremely happy. Your patients will be happy with as little as possible recovery and you will be ecstatic due to ease of use. Make sure to buy quality, saving money with Chinese based products will not only cause you headaches with repairs but will also provide more risk to your patients.


High Quality King of all Electrosurgical Units (Surgical & Non-Surgical)

Currently the Bovie J-Plasma BVX-200P is king of all Electrosurgical Units, not only does it Cut and Coag but it also give you the ability to offer skin tightening using plasma energy which is non-surgical procedure. So this unit gives you the ability to perform surgical and non-surgical procedures, it’s top notch!

Bovie Ultimate J-Plasma Generator

Buy the Bovie J-Plasma BVX-200P today!

This is the King of all Electrosurgical Units currently. Perform Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures with the lowest rate of recovery. Offering many functionalities you can do almost anything with this device. If you want to offer as many procedures as possible with your practice, this unit is the way to go!