Is it Safe to Buy a Pre-Owned Ultrasound Machine?

Certainly, buying a used Medical Equipment not only can save you a great deal of money, but it could be risky. That’s why, here at Dr’s Toy Store we are committed to Quality, performing special care on every Pre-Owned Ultrasound System offering for sale.

You can be sure that all our used Ultrasound Systems on drstoystore.com are thoroughly tested and are in 100% working condition. No exception, no compromise.

Ultrasound equipment is used in a variety of applications and medical procedures including maternity, cardiac, cerebral and breast examinations. These devices consist of transducers, pulse generators, sonographic scanners and amplifiers as well as systems display. This enables doctors and physicians to obtain diagnostic images and that visualize subcutaneous body structures and tissues. A hand-held probe (transducer) is moved or placed over the patient and the doctor can then make diagnosis from the resultant digital images. Ultrasound machines are essential pieces of equipment used in hospitals, clinics and private practices and you can get them at a bargain price from Dr’s Toy Store.

Useful Tips Before Purchasing

But what are the cornerstones that can provide a hassle-free buying experience with you when purchasing a second-hand or refurbished ultrasound machine?

  • Get the most info about the seller’s repair, refurbish and warranty process.
    Dr’s Toy Store has IN-HOUSE Certified Technicians for testing and refurbishing procedures. That is a major key in the used medical equipment business.
    No guessing, but real diagnostics.
  • Pricing can be critical. Always be sure you are comparing apples to apples, not orange to an apple. Before purchasing, ask for a detailed quote including the correct software and model number, what features are enabled on the system, and which probes and/or transducers are included. Sharp images or a short video of the system could also help in decision-making. Here at drstoystore.com we also accept buying offers for pre-owned ultrasound systems.
  • References. A good business reputation is the most valuable asset in a company’s life, essential to its survival and provides a competitive advantage. We can proudly announce that Dr’s Toy Store has large amount of positive online reviews on Google, DotMed, eBay and more.

Is There any Other Benefit Beyond Saving Money?

While one of the most important benefit is saving money on pre-owned ultrasound machine purchased from a reliable source like drstoystore.com, there is another advantage of buying this kind of used medical equipment: Accessing Better Technologies and Features

You might be able to afford purchasing an ultrasound device that is more advanced and has more features than if you were buying a brand-new system with less built-in features. Pre-Owned and refurbished Ultrasound Systems are not old relics that nobody wants anymore – it is completely possible to find machines that have only been used casually and have several useful features for your practice.

What to Expect from Dr’s Toy Store?

Dr’s Toy Store is specialized in selling used ultrasound machines that are from well-known brands. We keep in stock used ultrasound systems from the top manufacturers like Philips, GE, Siemens, Mindray, SonoScape, Esaote and Sonosite. We also offer used ultrasound probes, transducers and parts for less.

In addition to our ultrasound selling service, you may find yourself faced with a malfunctioning ultrasound device. The solution is here:
Dr’s Toy Store offers complete repair and refurbish services using our in-house certified technicians who are well trained and can handle ultrasound repairs.

Ultrasound Systems for Sale by Dr’s Toy Store