Yellofin Allen Stirrups

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Yellofin Allen Stirrups

Yellofin Allen Stirrups make it easy to lift and position a patient’s legs. They have become more popular than the old style candy cane stirrups. Yellofin stirrups eliminate the possibility of nerve injury in the foot. Allows the legs to be easily moved during surgical procedures to any position the physician needs them in.

What makes the Yellofin Stirrup stand out the most is the lateral safety fin, and the patented Lift-Assist technology, allowing for the leg to feel weightless when the staff or the doctor has to move the legs to a different position. This technology minimizes the chances of injury to the doctors back or the staff members back when moving the patient’s legs.

The Yellofin holds the gold standard in lithotomy positioning, allows for easy positioning to the lithotomy position while also maintaining a sterile field for the physician. The Yellofin Stirrups offer more comfort to the patient, allowing support to the calf and foot, reducing the post-op care.

Not only is it beneficial to the patient but to the doctor as well bc procedures able to be done more efficiently and cuts down the time to do a procedure bc the legs are weightless in the Yellofin Stirrups making it easier for the doctor and nurses to move the legs around.

Our Yellofin stirrups are Safety Approved and rebuilt to work like New!

Our Yellofin Allen Stirrups also come with a 2 Year Warranty.

These Stirrups are multi-specialty, perfect for procedures like Colposcopy, Cysto Procedures, Leeps Procedures, Cryosurgery, AP resections, General Surgery, Prostatectomy and more.

Yellofin Allen Stirrups Specifications:

-Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (159 kg)
-Abduction range: +25 degrees to -9 degrees
-Lithotomy Range: +84 degrees to -33 degrees
-Weight: 30 lbs. (13.60 kg.)


-Replaced Covers, Pads and Side Rail Clamps
-All Surfaces Refinished and Polished

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Weight 30 lbs


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