ValleyLab Coviden FT-10


– Foot Pedal
– Cart
– Grounding Plates
– Hand Pieces
Excellent Condition
YOM: 2017


The Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform not only drives our full The Valleylab™ FT10
energy platform not only drives our full portfolio of energy-based devices, it makes
them better than ever. 2,3
Improving all our devices’ performance with faster sealing and cutting times —
for example, LigaSure™ vessel sealing is up to 50% faster4
— the Valleylab™ FT10
energy platform delivers precise amounts of energy
You can have confidence in almost 50 years of quality
energy-based products and innovation in the surgical space.
Confidence delivered in surgical arenas, around the globe,
day after day. Confidence in our unwavering commitment to
positive patient outcomes.
The Valleylab™ energy portfolio offers the most
comprehensive suite of energy-based surgical hand
devices in the industry1
— ranging from a series of trusted
electrosurgical tools to advanced vessel-sealing instruments
with LigaSure™ technology and generator equipment that
powers it all.
Now we are excited to offer the latest advancements
in energy-based surgical devices: the Valleylab™ FT10


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