Morgan MEDesign Basic-One C-Arm Table

Morgan MEDesign Basic-One C-Arm Table

The Morgan MEDesign Basic-One is a reliable C-Arm Table with 3 versatile motions and a carbon-fiber, deluxe stain resistant composite top. Newly upholstered and in good condition, this classic designed c-arm table, has a wired hand held motion control, making usage of the height adjustment, lateral tilt, and trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg tilts easy to maneuver. With a durable, cantilevered metal frame, the Morgan MEDesign Basic-One C-Arm Table is accommodating to patients up to 400 lbs.



Morgan MEDesign Basic-One C-Arm Table STANDARD FEATURES (included with table)

  • Motorized Motions (1 to 3 Motions)
  • Height adjustment (nominal 8″ of travel, 28” low to 36” high)
  • Lateral tilt (nominal 12 – 15 degrees)
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg tilts (nominal 12 – 15 degrees)
  • Rectangular shaped radiolucent carbon-fiber composite top
  • Chamfered radiolucent edge treatment
  • 78” L x 22” W with cantilevered 55” metal free imaging area
  • Comfortably accommodates large patients
  • 400 pound distributed patient weight capacity [see below]
  • Wired hand-held motion control
  • Deluxe table top pad (nominal, medical grade vinyl over high density foam)
  • Padded safety strap
  • Electrical Specifications: Max Amps 12.5 – Intermittent, 60HZ – 120 VAC
  • Table Base Dimensions: 22″ x 50″
  • Overall Table Dimensions: 22″ x 92″
  • Overall Table Weight: 650 lbs


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