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GE T2100 treadmill with Laptop & CAM-USB INTERFACE A/T 

Advanced performance and reliability in exercise testing
Advanced design elements in the T2100 treadmill place it at the forefront of compliance, dependability and overall performance—the culmination of continual
technological development.
The T2100 treadmill features an extra-long, 152 cm (60 inch) walking surface. Its zero-start feature gradually increases speed for patient comfort and smooth operation. It can be stopped using different methods to achieve the desired result: decelerated slowly to a gradual stop, or stopped quickly using the device keypad or emergency stop button for fast patient dismount or transfer. The deceleration methods use active braking to most effectively manage the procedure and protocol. All stopping modes are available at all times at the touch of a button giving technicians more control.
Front handrail and full-length side handrails are always included with each T2100 treadmill. These provide support and easy access for patients if needed.
With fewer moving parts than other treadmills, the T2100 treadmill delivers extremely smooth, quiet operation that facilitates accurate blood pressure acquisition—even at high workloads. The speed range of 0.0 to 22.0 km/h (or 0.0 to 13.5 mph) and tight tolerance of 0.1 km/h (or 0.1 mph) helps to maintain protocol accuracy
and repeatability even when testing heavy patients.
Because the T2100 treadmill was designed as part of the GE Healthcare stress exercise solution, it communicates bi-directionally with GE Healthcare Stress ECG systems.
This communication means both devices are constantly exchanging operating commands and data. This design helps to ensure device and procedural accuracy—and clinical confidence.

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