DTS Multi-Specialty Procedure Table

$8,800.00 $7,995.00

DTS Multi-Specialty Procedure Table

The DTS Multi-Specialty Procedure Table is a terrific product largely because offers multiple features that make it ideal regardless of your office’s particular specialty.

This Multi-Specialty Procedure Table is a stable, comfortable, attractive, and affordable addition to any doctor’s office. It comes with 4 functions: power up, power down, power tilt back, and power foot. The side rails allow for stirrups to be attached, and there are rails along the upper sides suitable for arm boards.

Additionally, there are also one-touch programmable (with automatic return) and swivel options. The footrest can also be extended for taller patients. The arms are easily adjustable and removable. In addition, the headrest has a removable pillow for various procedures that require the patient to lie face-down.

This procedure chair is non-hydraulic which means that you won’t have to deal with any messy oil leaks; instead, this screw-driven chair guarantees a durable product that will last for the long-term. Surprisingly, this has become a huge hit for even OR rooms.

Lastly, the DTS Multi-Specialty Procedure Table is Programmable, with 4 positions to make any surgical procedure a breeze. Our tables have a safety feature to prevent any accidental movements of the table while a procedure is being performed. If any buttons are accidentally pressed, the table will not move unless the button is held down for about 3 secs. This prevents any accidents in the OR when a procedure is being performed.

We have the DTS Multi-Specialty Procedure Table on display in our showroom today, so please come in and see them for yourself! Seeing is believing


DTS Multi-Specialty Procedure TableTable Features:

  • Four programmable positions
  • Power Wheels for EASY movement
  • Removable pillow with face cutout
  • User-friendly hand & foot remote controls
  • Optional arm boards and stirrups
  • Headrests are removable
  • Durable seamless upholstery available in two colors
  • Removable armrests can be rotated 180 degrees
  • 4 Independent functions backrest, leg rest, chair adjustment and seat adjustment


Procedure Table Specifications:

  • Minimum Flat Chair Height: 26″
  • Maximum Flat Chair Height: 34″
  • Flat Chair Length: 77″
  • Minimum Upright Chair Height: 48″
  • Maximum Upright Chair Height: 57″
  • Upright Chair Length: 66″
  • Chair Width with Armrests: 32″
  • Chair Width without Armrests: 23.6″
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs.
  • Electrical: 110V, 50-60Hz, 200W


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