CYNOSURE Smoothshapes

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CYNOSURE Smoothshapes

Cynosure SmoothShapes XV laser and LED system is the ultimate cellulite and body shaping solution for your cosmetic practice. The SmoothShapes system utilizes its own Photomology® technology to deliver an effective combination of vacuum and massage through the use of both light and laser energy.

By using highly targeted and consistent tissue temperature elevation, the SmoothShapes XV system treats the underlying causes of cellulite, working to break up lipids by penetrating cell membranes.

Product Specifications
Laser Type Diode
Integrated Processor Control PC 104 based processor, Graphical User Interface – 38.1 cm (15 in) color touch screen
Dimensions 54 cm x 59 cm x 132 cm (21.1 in x 23.2 in x 51.8 in) (to top of monitor)
Space Requirements When in use, aprox. 20 cm (7.9 in) of space should be left clear around unit to allow adequate ventialtion.
Shipping Weight 55.3 kg (122 lbs)
Console Weight 24 kg (53 lbs)
Custom Cart 22.2 kg (49 lbs)
Electrical 100-120V~, 450V A, 50/60Hz, 200-240V~, 450V A, 50/60hz
Operating Environment Humidity – Non-condensing humidty below 75% RH; Temperature – 10 degrees C to 29.4 degrees C (50 degrees F to 85 degrees F)
XV Handpiece LightOutput
Wavelength 915 nm (Laser Radiation); 650 nm (LED Light)
Maximum Radiant Power 15 W @ 915 nm; 1 W @ 650 nm
Laser Aperture 70 mm x 40 mm
Pulse Duration CW
Beam Profile Non-collimated, highly diverging, diffuse beam
Power Density 0.57 w/cm2
XV Handpiece Massage
Vacuum Level Variable from 34mbar to 237mbar; Variable from 1 in/hg to 7 in HG
Flow Rate 18.5 m3/hr (653 ft3/hr)
Roller Diameter 32 mm (1.26″)
Roller Centers 72 mm (2.83 in)
Petite Handpiece Light Output (Same as XV, Except For)
Maximum Radiant Power 10W +/- 20% @ 915nm, 1W +/- 20% @ 650nm
Laser Aperture 45mm x 28 mm (1.77″ x 1.10″)
Petite Massage (Same as XV, Except For)
Roller Diameter 19mm (0.75″)
Roller Centers 55mm (2.16 in)

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